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2017-04-20 06:30 pm
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Dealing With Tech Support!!!!

Oh my God I am losing my mind!!! As I post this I am dealing with tech support for Straight Talk phone service and I am trying to type with one hand while I hold my cell in the other. What a mediocre thing to post about right? Why do these techies always sound like they are in Sri Lanka or something? To her credit, the lady was very nice and actually solved my problem. What else is happening today in my senior citizen world? Well, I got my share of our tax refund and am getting ready to take the MSF Basic Riders Course to learn how to ride a motorcycle! I am stoked!! I am also more than a bit nervous about it! But riding and owning a motorcycle is one of those things I have always wanted to do and I am not getting any younger (I am or will be 51 this year)!